This is a blog about anything and everything related to teaching mathematics. I am particularly interested in creating a classroom culture of collaboration and intellectual risk-taking, effectively implementing problem-based tasks, and students’ perceptions of themselves in math class. I am hyper-vigilant to status and equity issues in my classroom and in education more broadly. Beyond the classroom, I would like to help inform and elevate (and bring some sanity and solid research to) discussions of education policy.

I am a former Fellow and Master Teacher with Math for America DC. I have relocated to the West Coast and am currently teaching with the Mathematics Vision Project curriculum.

I am a huge fan and follower of Ilana Horn, Tracy Zager, and everyone in the #MTBoS (the Math-Twitter-Blog-o-Sphere, i.e. an incredible and supportive  online community of math teachers).

I also deeply adore dorky math puns and promulgate them as frequently as possible.

A shout-out to Eric Rowland of the University of Liège for the diagonals of polygons image that I have as my header. It’s a nod to one of my favorite problems ever: the handshake problem.

–Joe Herbert | @herbertmath628