MVP Lesson 1.6 Debrief & Final Plans

10.2 MVP 1.6 Day 4

I wrote about my plans and first day for MVP Lesson 1.6 here and here. After two more days of seeing kids working on this problem, I have some thoughts.

  1. It really was unnecessary to leave the statement of the context as “15 pounds in the machine, 180 candies per pound”. We spent a ton of time talking about why that means there are 2,700 pieces of candy in the machine to begin with. Time that I think would have been better spent looking at the mathematics of this decreasing sequence.
  2. We’re moving REALLY slowly, but the kids are actually OWNING everything we’re doing. I think you could describe previous years of my classroom as “constructivism/problem-based-learning lite”. Like, I wanted kids to construct their own meaning for everything, but there was always outside pressure to hurry up through the curriculum, so I had to find a balancing act. This is the first time I feel I can actually let EVERYTHING (except for conventions of notation) come from the kids. I will admit, however, that even I am surprised at how much longer this deep learning takes.
  3. Most of my kids have figured out an explicit equation and/or a verbal recursive equation for this situation. However, they are hardcore grasping at straws when it comes to using function notation for the recursive equation. We had a PD day on Friday so they’ve had a long weekend to forget everything. My plan for Monday is to have them work through a review of stuff they’ve already figured out, and then hopefully have a class discussion in which they figure out how to write the recursive equation using function notation.

Tuesday is going to be a bit of a chaotic day. I’m going to have kids working on posters to summarize their learning. I’m also going to be handing back tons of papers and having them organize their binders. I haven’t quite figured out the logistics for how to make sure everyone is using this time productively.

On Wednesday – Friday we’re going to do MVP Lesson 1.7. I’ve been working on converting it into a Desmos activity. Stay tuned for a finalized version!

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