Teaching & Blogging MVP Math 1

For the first time in my career, I am teaching at a school that has adopted an intelligent, coherent, problem-based curriculum. Not only that, but the whole district has a dedicated team of educators working together to figure out how best to implement this curriculum. To say that this is an amazing environment to be working in would be a vast understatement!

The curriculum in question is the Mathematics Vision Project (MVP), an integrated pathway to teaching the Common Core State Standards that puts the Standards for Mathematical Practice front and center in every lesson.

This year, my teaching schedule is exclusively Math 1 from the MVP curriculum: two sections of sheltered instruction for emergent bilinguals and two general education sections.

One of my department chairs and I have been given a shared release period to work on unpacking this curriculum. In an effort to help the rest of the Math 1 team benefit from our conversations during this release period, I have been sending daily-ish debrief emails to the Math 1 team talking about what happened in my classroom and what I’m planning for future lessons. I realized that my emails were essentially blog posts, and I should just #pushsend and post my thoughts here in case any other teachers using MVP find them useful (and hopefully so that people smarter than I am will jump in with suggestions!).

I’ve never blogged quite this intensely before, so I’m hoping to be able to keep up with it throughout the year. The first two posts are going to be a bit on the longer side, because they cover multiple reflections from several days worth of instruction implementing lesson 1.2 and lesson 1.3.

Here goes!

Happy Teaching,

Joe Herbert

Update, January 28, 2018: Here are the other posts on the MVP curriculum that I’ve done so far (my apologies for the lack of posts on module 2).

MVP Lessons 1.4 & 1.5

MVP Lesson 1.4 Day 1 Debrief

MVP Lesson 1.4 Wrap-Up: Function Notation

MVP Lesson 1.5 Debrief

The Week Ahead: Master Designer & MVP 1.6

MVP Lesson 1.6 Day 1 Debrief

MVP Lesson 1.6 Debrief & Final Plans

Beginning Module 3 (MVP Math 1)

MVP 4.1: Introducing Equations

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